Woodstock at its Best

Jimi at Woodstock, 50th Anniversary T shirt


Catch the spirit and the legend.  Jimi played the Star Spangled Banner with ease, and was a master at “feedback.”  He let the music flow through him - resonating bombs and screaming sirens using instrumental sounds and feedback never written.  Some viewed his performance as anti-American and an insult to our Anthem. But Jimi won the day. His performance at Woodstock lives today among musicians trying to be like him. not only for his incomparable talent but for his courage to be different.  He represented the spirit of Woodstock which lives today, fifty years later.  Like Country Joe McDonald,

(“Fish Cheer,)” who was also a veteran of theVietnam war and who also had successfully performed before him, Jimi's feelings about life, war and country were complex. Both men were legendary at Woodstock.