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Covid 19 CAN DO Gourmet Cook Book


Covid CAN DO Gourmet Cook Book available free on Amazon, or in Paper Back form

When food supplies are compromised and times are uncertain, be prepared. This handy reference cookbook was compiled in a time of emergency to make cooking safe and easy using canned foods that are already cooked. Canned foods are more dependable when fresh foods are unavailable in the food chain. Unique seasonings described in this book dispel the myth that canned foods are boring and tasteless. Check it out.
Cooking During Covid 19
A poem by Gary Okun & Linanne G. Sackett

How do you cook during Covid 19?
When nothing is fresh, and nothing is green?
Go to your shelves and pull out the cans,
Break out your pots and rattle your pans.
Beat with a spoon, find the right bowl,
Get set to mix a great casserole.
Add herbs and spice to each can of pasta,
Make it so hot they’ll think you’re a Rasta.
Can’t bolt from the house or fly from the coop,
Take a slow breath; make chicken soup.
Setup a tent with blanket and tape,
(A “stealth space” for kids might give you a break.)
Share household chores, gives’em somethin’ to do,
Some of these meals they’ll make without you.
Follow this guide - meals will be quicker,
Then notch-up the News ‘n get out the liquor.
Track latest trends at “C” “D” “C” dot gov,*
Let's face it together; Our defense? Peace and love.

*CDC.gov – Centers for Disease Control is the official Covid emergency website. It handles other life emergencies as well. Get your information from a trusted source, with legitimate statistics and facts. The internet and some news sources are full of conspiracy theories, perhaps even fake news. At this time, bad information can cost you your life, or the lives of your loved ones.